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Let's Chat About...Shopping Local

This Christmas Season I have made a conscious decision to Shop Local! In previous years I've utilized the internet and done the majority of my holiday shopping online. Not quite sure what sparked this new mindset, but I feel good about my decision and encourage other to do the same.

Some Benefits to Shopping Local include:

  • Stimulates Local Economy - By shopping local, you cycle your money back into the community. The tax revenue made through sales tax supports local government.

  • Reduces The Carbon Footprint - Shopping local requires less transportation resulting in less pollution emitted into the environment.

  • Creates More Jobs - Small business in the community improves economic growth by providing local employment oppurtunities.

  • Gives Back To The Community - Local businesses often give back to the community by donating to local non-profits and community causes.

  • Better Customer Service - Local store owners tend to value each of their customers and their needs. Positive experiences by the customer is their ultimate goal.

  • Nurtures Innovation And Growth - It's the Survival of the Fittest mentality that keeps small businesses afloat. Our support contributes to their success.

  • Supports The American Dream - "Equal oppurtunity to every American, allowing them to acheive individual goals and aspirations". By supporting entrepreneurship, we are supporting the American Dream.

Local businesses are still the "Bread & Butter" of our economy. Even though small businesses are considered the underdog next to the big name conglomerates, the benefits to shopping local are profound.

There are multiple ways to shop local. Many communities host vendor events over the Holidays which supports local entrepreneurs and businesses. Last weekend I attended the Christkindl Markt in Fargo North Dakota. This is a Christmas Market of German origin which features the Spirit of the Christmas. Along with numerous shopping oppurtunities, there were other activities such as games, smores making and Christmas Tree lighting. *Great Experience!

One of the best ways of supporting your local businesses is to get out and patronize them! Sure, there are the obvious gift shops, but I encouage you to think outside of the box. Gift cards make great presents as well. Some ideas that don't always come to mind are Grocery Stores, Car Washes, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Hardware Stores, Movie Theaters, Coffee/Shake Shops and even Off Sale.

I am proud to say that we have many shopping oppurtunities in our small community of 1,554 people! These are just a few of my favorites:

And remember, you don't have to be a resident of the community you are supporting. Many of these small town businesses offer an online ordering option! Please share the links to your favorite shops in the comment below.

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