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Updated: Jun 7

Let's Chat About...Buc-ee's

I was first introduced to the Buc-ee's store by my Texas family. They raved about it, and I didn't think much of it until I actually went there. Wow! Is all I have to say! It's so much fun to shop there and the food is great! At first, I thought it was just a Texas thing, but through my research, I found out it is much more!

The original name for the store is "Buc-ee's Holdings, Inc." This chain of country stores and gas stations was founded by Arch Aplin III in 1982. The name is derived from Arch's dog "Buck" and his childhood nickname "Beaver". The combination resembles the Ipana toothpastes mascot "Bucky Beaver".

The chain of Buc-ee's stores is known for its large size and convenient locations. Often times they are located along a major highway or interstate and are easily accessible. All stores have at least 80 and up to 120 gas pumps. They do not accommodate 18 wheelers, so they aren't considered a truck stop. This keeps the flow of traffic moving smoothly. They hold the record for the largest gas station since June of 2023 at their Sevierville, Tennessee location.

They are also well known for their shopping options and clean bathrooms, having won the award for "Best Restroom in America". Some of the items they sell include food, souvenirs and other travel items. All locations include a bakery, brisket & fudge bar, snack isle and soda, coffee & Icee station. One thing I noticed about their food sales, was that there isn't anywhere to sit down to eat. It's designed for you to take your meal on the road, which helps keep the traffic flowing and avoids loitering. Their signature stack is the legendary "Beaver Nuggets"! These are flavored corn puffs that the company produced and is their largest selling product.

Here is a photo of my favorite YouTuber from cboystv with an inflatable Buc-ee souvenir!

While we were in Texas last March we visited 3 different Buc-ee's stores. I thoroughly look forward to each visit! It's so fun because the locations are well marked along the interstate and I get an excited feeling each time I see the big Buck-ee's billboard telling the miles left to the next destination! There is so much to shop for including home decor and travel items, but my favorite is the Buc-ee's souvenir section! I'm not sure who I have more fun shopping for, the grandkids or myself...let's face it, it's the grandkids!

In 2012, Buc-ee's opened their largest Travel Center (68,000 sq ft) in New Braunfels, TX along I-35. At that time it was the largest convenience store in the world. In June of 2023 Sevierville, Tennessee opened the largest location (74,707 sq ft), which is still the largest to date.

The 1st out of Texas location was opened on Feb. 23, 2021 near St. Augustine, Fl and shortly after, on March 22, 2021 the Daytona location opened.

Current list of locations per state:

  • Texas - 34

  • Alabama - 4

  • Florida - 2

  • Georgia - 2

  • Tennessee - 2

  • Kentucky - 1

  • Missouri - 1

  • South Carolina - 1

  • Colorado -1

Most Buc-ee's Tavel Centers also include charging stations for electric cars. In November of 2021, it was reported that Tesla would be opening Superchargers at 26 locations in 7 states.

As of March, 2024 there were car washes available at 7 locations. 5 in Texas, 1 in Alabama and 1 in Tennesse. The Katy, TX location holds the record for the longest car wash in the world at 255 feet of conveyor.

Fun facts about Buc-ee's:

  1. The founder's childhood nickname was "Beaver".

  2. It holds the record for "World's Largest Convenience Store".

  3. Buc-ee's never closes, all locations are open 24/7.

  4. It holds the record for "World's Longest Car Wash".

  5. Each Buc-ee's location averages around 100 gas pumps.

  6. The BBQ and Brisket are made in house daily.

  7. The drink fountains offer both Coca-Cola and Pepsi products

As I was at a loss to come up with this week's blog post, I ended up really having fun with this one! I learned a lot and can't wait to visit other Buc-ee's stores. I wonder when or if we will ever get one in Minnesota??

Have you ever been to a Buc-ee's? If so, share your experience or advise in the comments below!

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