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Let's Chat About...Terry Redlin

I'm not much of an artist buff, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be Terry Redlin. Many years ago, our family received a Terry Redlin puzzle as a gift. It was 1000 pieces and we all helped put it together. Once it was completed, I didn't have the heart to take it apart, so we had it framed and hung it on our living room wall. Since then, we have completed and framed 2 more, and working on the 4th ("Autumn Evening")!

"Our Friends"

"Pleasures of Winter"

"Morning Surprise"

Terry Redlin was known for painting outdoor scenes with wildlife, often pictured in twilight. During the 1990's he was named "America's Most Popular Artist" in the US Art Magazine for 9 years in a row.

Terry was born and raised in Watertown, South Dakota. His dream was to become a forest ranger, but at 15 years old he was in a disabling motorcycle accident which changed his path in life. In 1967, he and his family moved to Forest Lake, Minnesota and he graduated from the St. Paul School of Associated Arts. He spent the next 25 years working in commercial art as a graphic designer and illustrator before creating his own artwork.

By the mid 1970's Terry decided to expand his art hobby into a full-time avocation. His 1st piece, "Winter Snow" was an open edition priced at $10.00. It appeared on the cover of "The Farmer" magazine in 1977 and 2 years later Terry Redlin became a full time illustrator retiring in 2007.

Randy's favorite prints are those that include wildlife. Redlin's first paintings were outdoor scenes that included birds and other outdoor animals. After painting wildlife for nearly 10 years, he eventually included people, starting with a single person in a sleigh. It was a bit of a risk changing his style, but the art community welcomed it. From that time on, his style evolved into the storytelling scenes, including buildings and people.

While there isn’t a single most popular print identified, his series entitled “America the Beautiful” consists of eight paintings that have been some of the most sought-after Terry Redlin prints. These include:

  • "Above The Fruited Plain"

  • "America! America!"

  • "And Crown Thy Good"

  • "For Amber Waves of Grain"

  • "For Purple Mountains Majesty"

  • "From Sea to Shing Sea"

  • "God Shed his Grace on Thee"

  • "O Beautiful for Spacious Skies"

The Redlin Art Center is a gift from Terry Redlin to his hometown of Watertown. It is his way of thanking the state for a scholarship he received after a brief ride on a motorcycle resulted in a life-changing injury. Terry Redlin captures on canvas images of nature and small-town America. Enjoy more than 160 original oil paintings, shop three exclusive gift shops or stroll the 30-acre Conservation Park. The Redlin Art Center is open year-round. Hours change seasonally and admission is free.

The Center opened on June 6,1997 and this 52,000 square foot brick building was designed by Terry's son Charles Redlin.

Terry Redlin died at the age of 78. He is a legend in the art world and his work will be cherished forever. He passed away on April 24,2016 after losing his battle with Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

As I noted at the beginning, we are very interested in the Terry Redlin puzzles. All of the ones that we have completed were the White Mountain brand. When I went searching for another one, I discovered they don't make them anymore. Randy and I visited the Redlin Art Center in March and when I asked the attendant about it, she explained that Buffalo has taken over manufacturing the puzzles. We purchased one titled "Campfire Tales " and are very excited to put it together!

So please share your thoughts if you enjoy putting puzzles together or if you are a Terry Redlin fan in the comments below.

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