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Let's Chat About...Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is celebrated February 14th every year and this occasion dates back to the Ancient Roman times. The legend of St. Valentine is held in both Christian and Roman tradition.

One theory explains that in the 3rd Century of Rome, Emperor Claudius the II decided that single men made better soldiers than husbands, so he outlawed marriage to young men. Saint Valentine saw this as an injustice and began secretly performing marriages for young lovers. When the Emperor heard of this, he ordered him beheaded.

Another theory is that St. Valentine was imprisoned for helping Christians escape the harsh Roman prisons. While a prisoner himself, he fell in love with a young girl who would come to visit. He was known to give the 1st Valentine's card to her and signed it "From, Your Valentine".

Although the true legend is unclear, all theories suggest that St. Valentine was characterized as a romantic figure and was martyred for his Christian acts.

By the Middle Ages, he would become one of the most popular Saints in England and France.

Another common Valentine's Day figure is Cupid. The image of Cupid is portrayed as a naked, winged child carrying a bow and arrow. This originates back to Ancient Greek Mythology and the figure was named Eros, the God of Desire. He was later adopted into Roman Mythology, striking innocent victims with his arrow to encourage love.

Although Valentine's Day has evolved over the years, it has remained a significant holiday! The flower, candy, jewelry and greeting card industries thrive off their sales on this day. Here are some fun facts for 2024:

  • Candy is the most popular gift given (57% of shoppers).

  • Over half of the United States population celebrates Valentine's Day.

  • Ages 35-44 spend the most money.

  • Inflation increases in 2024: Candy - 6.2%, Flowers - 3.3%, Greeting Cards - 2.3%, Jewlery - 6.2% and Dining Out - 5.3%.

  • 145 million Valentine's Cards are exchanged.

  • Over 1/3 of the population report feeling let down by their partners Valentine's efforts.

  • Average dining out meal last year was $121.00.

One of my favorite traditions is the Valentine Card exchange in elementary school. It was always so fun making special boxes with the kids and filling out the Valentine's cards! It really brings out the creativity in children and also teaches the act of giving to others. I remember them putting so much thought into which friend got which card, and of course, the teacher received the biggest and best one. Although, I will have to admit, I was not very creative when it came to making the boxes! Back then, we didn't have the resources for ideas like there are today. Here is a great website for Valentine's Day boxes ideas.

Valentine's Day holds a special place in my heart, it's the day Randy proposed to me in 2008! We were married that same year on August 8th, (8/8/08) in Medora, ND.

According to statistics, approximately 6 million Americans will get engaged this Valentine's Day. And 6.2 billion dollars will be spent on jewelry. The most common gifts given over Valentine's Day include Candy, Flowers, Evening Out, Jewlery and Clothing.

So, how do you plan to spend your Valentine's Day this year? Please share in the comments below.

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