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Let's Chat About...Setting Goals

Well, it's a couple weeks into the new year and how are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions so far? I am hanging in there with some help from planning, organizing and setting goals!

S.M.A.R.T. is a good acronym to use when getting started with goal setting. Let's break it down!

S. Specific: The goal should be clear and well defined.

M. Measurable: The goal should have solid criteria for measuring progress.

A. Attainable: The goal should be attainable, not impossible.

R. Relevant: The goal should align with other objectives in each category.

T. Time Based: The goal should have a clear timeline.

So now, where to begin? I start by choosing the categories in my life that are important to me. These include: Personal, Relationships, Financial, Home, Faith, Hobbies and Travel.

First off, in each category, try and think of one ultimate goal. It should be something long term that you have to work on in smaller chunks to achieve. I like to break my goals down into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily. I start by jotting them down on paper and then transfer to a chart. This gives me a reference to go by and keeps me accountable. I chose to print and laminate it and then hang it on my fridge or somewhere accessible.

In order for your goals to be successful, you need to stay accountable. I like to use a checklist to document whether I have reached each goal or not. And then choose some sort of reward system for yourself. Below is just a rough goal checklist I came up with.

Another key to reaching your goals successfully is planning. I love using calendars and planners, it's a great way to stay organized and accountable! For this year, I have 2 types of planners, one is a daily calendar style, and the other is a budget planner. I found one that I absolutely love, and highly recommend it. It's called the "Daily Overview Planner" made by Ramona and Ruth out of Omaha, Nebraska.

Another concept to goal setting is a Vision Board. This was new to me, and I just created my first one ever this year!

  • Vision Boards are effective because they are a visual reminder of your intentions.

  • Creating a Vision Board requires you to reflect on your desires and aspirations.

  • Vision Boards are a constant reminder of what your priorities are.

  • Some people are more "visual" than "paper & Pencil", so the Vision Boards work well for them.

  • A Vision Board is filled with images, words and symbols that are specific to you. No two Vision Boards are alike.

I created my Vision Board through Canva, but there are many options to choose from. Some people even make them from scratch. I printed and laminated mine and I use it as a book marker for a constant reminder.

I believe that it is important to always have something to look forward to in life. My calendar is my best friend! I reference it every morning while having a cup of coffee and review what I have coming up that day, week, month and even year. I like to have something special at least once a month to keep me motivated. I am a pencil and paper kind of person, so I like my calendar to be right in front of me to jot down notes in, but it is also important to add dates to my cell phone calendar which is with me at all times. I have also found that I like the blank calendars where I can fill in the dates myself, that way I can start and stop wherever I choose, and I am not wasting space. I have found "Clever Fox" brand to be my favorite for calendars.

I hope this has been beneficial and / or enlightening! I appreciate your feedback and if you have anything to add, please respond in the comments below.

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